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Obus x Mutual Muse

At Mutual Muse, our commitment lies in finding nurturing homes for your pre-loved fashion items, and this partnership brings us immense joy. Obus, one of our beloved local brands, exemplifies sustainability in a way that truly resonates with us, making this collaboration all the more special.

Sell your pre-loved OBUS to us and be rewarded!

Obus, as an independent label based in Melbourne, shares our commitment to minimising environmental impact. Their thoughtfully crafted garments are designed for longevity, to be cherished and worn repeatedly, and to never meet landfill.

Together, we’ve devised a simple and eco-conscious solution for those Obus pieces you’ve gently outgrown. You can give your pre-loved Obus items a fresh lease on life by reselling them to us, and as a token of our appreciation for your conscious shopping choices, you’ll be rewarded.

How it works

Bring your in-season pre-loved Obus into one of our Mutual Muse locations or send it to us via post.

One of our team will assess your Obus items + choose any we think can be resold

For the items we accept, you can choose between 30% cash via bank transfer or 50% in store credit

You’ll also receive an exclusive 15% Off Obus New Arrivals discount code!

To then treat yourself to a new Obus piece! Shop with them either online or in-store.

You can find more information about Obus on their website, as well as full T&Cs for the discount code on offer.