Paying the Rent

Solidarity Beyond 26 January

It is no longer 26 January, but our solidarity action needs to continue beyond one day per year.

We have been researching ways that we can show our support to First Nations-led movements and organisations year-round, and want to share some of the resources that we have been consulting. 

[Please do not use us, or this post as your definitive resource for action.]

This is not a comprehensive guide, nor a primary source. As settlers on stolen land, it is our job to amplify First Nations voices with our social media reach, and not to speak on behalf of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It is crucial to be consulting First Nations folks on how to best act in solidarity, and to support organisations self-determined by First Nations peoples. What we are sharing has come from a range of creators and activists, who have been credited below. Follow them and do your own research!


Here’s more information on self-determination

[via ANTaR Victoria]


Here are some Instagram resources and profiles that we consult on action year-round:



    One of the most direct ways to support First Nations peoples’ fight against ongoing colonisation is to Pay the Rent.

    We strongly recommend setting up a monthly debit if you have financial means to do so. It is especially important to ensure that the organisations you support are self-determined and run by First Nations peoples. There are plenty of them! 

    Mutual Muse pays the rent monthly via Pay the Rent and Djirra. Here is more information on both of these organisations. 


    Pay the Rent

    “While governments and individuals have said Sorry to the Stolen Generations, they have taken no meaningful action towards making right, nor towards preventing further harm.

    Paying the Rent is a step towards acknowledging these facts. It is part of a process that all non-Indigenous people – individually and collectively – need to enter into if we are to move towards justice, truth, equality and liberation for First Nations people.”

    (cited from Pay the Rent under Why Pay the Rent?)



    “Djirra is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation with over 20 years’ experience accompanying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, and their children, on their individual journeys. We find solutions through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women sharing their stories, journeys, and experiences. Djirra celebrates women’s strength and resilience. We are committed to a future without family violence.”

    (cited from Djirra’s GiveNow page)


    Here are some other organisations that you can financially support on a monthly basis:

    Here is a list of further resources compiled by Kira Puru:


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