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The Beginning


Hi friends.  Welcome to the inaugural post!  We may have met already, but if not, I’m Kirsta and I’m the owner of Mutual Muse.  I am SO EXCITED about the launch of this space; it’s something I’ve wanted and dreamed about for ages. 

One of the biggest goals of this blog will be to explore my Muses, of which there are so many.  I know there is a big story to be told there.  When customers buy clothing in my store, they are not buying some anonymous, generic piece that anyone could buy in a corporate space.  Everything has history and a story and the magic of its previous owner.  It is an honor to be the keeper of so many of these stories, I hope I can do them justice.

Living in Melbourne has brought me so much abundance, sometimes people are surprised to learn that I didn’t have a background in fashion before moving here.  This city is always changing and moving, it’s full of weird and interesting people from all over the globe.  Yes I live in a tiny suburb, but I’m pretty sure you could wear a full body neon leotard with glitter and a vintage fur and no one would bat an eye.  I think that Melbourne gives us all permission to do exactly whatever we want creatively and I love seeing the people around me run with that.

Sometimes I am torn between thinking all this is completely normal and then remembering that it is actually very special to be able to explore all these things.  I want to share some of my “new” home with people back home who ask me all the time what it’s like over there.  (For anyone who hasn’t met me in person, I’m American!)  It is hard to say exactly what is so unique about Melbourne and Australian fashion, but they sure are different from anything else. 

And maybe, just maybe I will throw in some laundry posts because I am kind of a proper washing care nerd.  Maybe even some things wardrobe organization, but I’ll let someone else handle that because I’m learning too! 

I hope you will stay tuned. As always, please follow along on social media, Instagram: / Facebook:  What do you think?  I’d love to hear from you!

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