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Collections: Kitty and Her Black Dresses

Kitty is my second in command at the shop, her collection is the original inspiration for this series.  It felt only fitting that she should go first.

Why do you like to wear black dresses?

Over the last two years it’s been about black dresses because it’s simple.  If I try and concentrate on one colour and accessorize with different colours, it simplifies everything.  I don’t have to decide on other things: black dresses, that’s it, done.  I just don’t have the time and everyone looks good in black.  I can also accessorize with crazy headpieces or jewelry.

There was this woman I used to see while picking the kids up from school when I was a nanny, she just wore all black all the time with orange accessories.  She had grey hair and I remember thinking she looks so cool.

Does cat hair bother you?

It does!  When I first got Bowie from the orphanage, I really wanted a black cat.  But then she was the one and I just had to deal with it.  I tried to start wearing all white but I couldn’t do it. 

There was this woman in NZ who just wore all white and cream all the time with different textures.  Her business partner then wore all black, and they both had heaps of crazy layers.  They were always together and contrasted each other and it was so amazing. I always knew I wanted to go one way or the other, black is where I’m at right now but maybe it will change when I’m older.  I might go white. 

When you see an outfit that you love on other people, what excites you about it? 

I like people who wear unusual combinations, whether they are wearing all black or all colours.  I think if you’re going to do colours, you have to do a whole bunch of them, like patterns all together. 

I love when people put three totally wrong patterns or colors together.  It looks really good.  Or when they wear all one color with different textures. 

I’ve always loved costumes and dressing up.  It feels normal for me.  I love head pieces.

Why do you love head pieces specifically?

I love my hair and my head.  I’ve got a really good head.  I like to accentuate it as much as possible, so people say, “Wow look at that woman’s head!” 

My other favorite style is 90s, I love tartan and 90s shapes, they don’t need to be black.  I love grungy style with a cardigan tied around the waist.  I want to be a grungy romantic person all the time. 

You are so good at doing the mannequins at work, why do you pick those pieces together?

I find the two items that I want to accentuate and then I sort of play around with each piece, and honestly it takes me a few goes.  I love dressing them, they are like big dolls.      

Tell me about a time that you felt beautiful recently.

Oh, I feel beautiful every day. 

That’s so awesome!  Do you think people respond a certain way if you say something like “I feel beautiful everyday?”  I don’t think that’s something everyone would admit. 

I don’t think I look beautiful every day, sometimes I’m scruffy.  I have off days, but I always feel like I can work with that.  Like it’s ok anyway, because of my hair.  Even if it’s a really horrible hair day, it’s still amazing. 

Last night I wore a really colorful dress out dancing, it’s one of my only colorful pieces.  I got SO MANY compliments, it’s very swirly.  I felt pretty beautiful dancing in that.

I have this one dress (not black- 90s brown with polka dots), it’s my go to first date dress.  It makes me feel all the things I want to feel, mostly pretty and grungy.  I wish I had a dozen of them. 

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