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Ebay Round-Up / 24 March 2019

Putting my cheeky eBay habit to good use by sharing some of this week’s favourites, including a range of options from a few of our favourite designers.

I love second hand clothes in just about any way I can find them.  EBay is great for a good surprise; there’s so many good options, it’s constantly changing, and you never know when you might find something amazing for $5.  Check back for future posts about what I’ve got my eye on for the week.

All images borrowed from their original eBay posts.  Mutual Muse is not associated with these posts in any way, happy bidding!
red jac+jack dress

Jac+Jack dress, size M

Pretty much my ideal autumn look, hope it has pockets!

blue bul dress size 14

búl dress, size 14

How is this only $8?!?!  Ending in about a day so act fast.

cashmere jac jack jumper

Jac+Jack cashmere jumper, size M

I think I need this for myself.

stripe linen japanese dress

Japanese linen dress, size 10ish

Japanese + linen are two of my most dangerous eBay search terms.  Also, pockets!

jac jack wool coat size 14

Jac+Jack coat, size 14

A bit expensive but worth it I reckon, it’s gorgeous

linen country road dress

Romance Was Born dress, size 8

My fantasy wedding guest outfit

linen country road dress

Country Road linen maxi, size 16

We sold this in Thornbury recently, it has a lovely thicker feel to the fabric.

black alpha 60 lena jumpsuit

Alpha 60 Leda jumpsuit, size 10

Great for layering in autumn


stud discount universe leather jacket

Discount Universe leather jacket, size S

In case you have an extra $1000 laying around and teenage punk rock dreams that still need addressing


Here are the designers we listed today, in case you are curious: bul / Jac+Jack / Country Road / Romance Was Born / Alpha 60 / Discount Universe

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