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Collections: Charlotte and her Jumpsuits

Charlotte is one of my favourite people and we meant to do this shoot months ago.  Sometimes life gets in the way; we’ve both been crazy busy with our respective businesses–she’s a co-owner of Hard Rubbish in Preston.  I’m mentioning it because it’s never too late to do fun things with your girlfriends.  REALLY!

"This one is my son's favourite." POCKETSS!
The best hand gestures
"I wore this one out dancing about six months after my kid was born; a young frenchman took a shine to me on the dance floor. I didn't really have a chance to mention my relationship/parental status, he was a bit surprised when he asked for my number!"
Black gypsy suit, acquired from Kitty (of black dress fame).
shelf collections
Totally made for twirling
Evidence of a few other collections
A rare score at Supre
art on every surface
And then afterward we stopped by her other castle, Hard Rubbish in Preston. Coincidentally, this jumper is from Mutual Muse!

It’s not a vast collection but I do love jumpsuits.  It’s an unusual item of clothing and it’s a bit specific to the 80s; I love that it was so avant-garde, the color, the fabric, the shapes, they just went wild.  I’m looking for good color and that perfect 80s shape which seems to suit my body.  I like a bit of structure.  They’re really fun; if I’m in a little tight dress I really don’t have the range of movement.  You don’t have to worry about anyone seeing your knickers in a jumpsuit.  You can literally throw yourself around the room, very practical.

I like the way that they seem to meld comfort and practicality with something that is outrageously fun; they just make you want to dance.  Plus they usually have pockets.  I’ve done a whole lot of dancing in them, especially the polka dots and the gold.  Most of the things I’ve collected are from the 80s or 80s does 50s.  I feel like that decade was almost the last where things were made with quality and excellent stitching.  They maintain their shapes and volume without all that corsetry.  They just don’t fall apart.

The gold one was probably first; I bought it after a breakup.  It was out of my usual Etsy budget which was about $30 AUD including postage, but it was $50!!! and I thought shit I totally need to buy that anyway.  I loved Etsy back in the day when the Australian Dollar was stronger.  I’d have something on the watch list for a few months and then get drunk and buy it. 

The purple was the first thing I wore post-pregnancy to a party; it has stretch and it gave me a waist.  I looked great despite the baby weight, plus I could breast feed in it. 

At the moment I’m not really wearing my 80s vintage, I can’t do the jumpsuits at work because I don’t want to get food on them.  I recently did a massive cull and I think I cut a little too deep!  I also love to collect two-pieces, like a dress with a matching opera jacket.  I’d like to build on that collection but they don’t come along that often. 

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