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Collections: Celeste and her Linen

Celeste is a collector of soft, textured linen pieces.  She lives in a dreamy, slightly crumbling share house in North Carlton.

"I feel like white is so easy and effortless, it's bright and reminds me of summer. I grew up in the country, it's like I'm at home at the beach with my parents and sister."
Picking outfits, so many goodies!
A view of the back garden through the bright windows.
"My friend made this out of beautiful linen when I went to New York recently." It was SO bright outside!
Fiddle leaf fig in the hallway
Scenes from the back garden in a white linen Alpha 60.
"My boyfriend calls these my booty pants! Once I spilled red wine all over them, it came out just fine with sard and a soak."
Blue skies and the back of the house.
Bul pants, Rachael Comey top and Duckfeet sandals
I love this giant indoor window in the lounge room.
Navy Good Studios dress. "All my dresses have high necks, maybe because it gets too cold."
Bul dress in the garden
Linen tee w/ linen bedding. "I convinced my boyfriend Pete to buy linen sheets too."
Linen tee w/ a plaid vintage linen dress, purchased on a recent trip to NYC.
I loved that navy Good Studios dress so much I had a lady in Brunswick make a copy for me in black."
Dreamy, sunny North Carlton
Rouda top + Rouda skirt

Why do you like linen?

I think I like linen because it’s principally natural.  I find that I identify with fabrics, clothes and style that are truly effortless.  I hate having to get up and spend an hour getting ready, I just want to put my clothes on and feel good and be comfortable with all bases covered.  Linen does that; it breathes well, you can layer it, it’s textural and tactile.  I do also appreciate a bit of an ethical angle with my style.

Do you find that ethical brands also produce in linen?

Yes and no.  I find it really hard to find ethical brands that I can get around.  I find that a lot of brands who are making an ethical or sustainable product make unnecessarily outrageous styles, not everything has to be “hippy,” there can be a middle ground.  Someone like B Goods who are now Good Studios, they make all their designs in Adelaide out of hemp linen in unisex styles. So a lot of the ethical brands I choose to shop with don’t have that hippy angle, it’s more of an effortless and timeless style.  I don’t need frills to make something beautiful, it just needs to be well cut or really versatile. 

Do you think living in Melbourne has influenced your style?

I certainly love the Melbourne fashion vibe.  Ages ago, gorman was really the brand to follow and that’s totally changed now.  I love brands like bul, Alpha 60, or little stores like Monk House Design or Pet Shop Girls or the Slow Waves in the CBD.  I like to support those brands because I know it’s done by a girl my friend used to go to school with.

I’ve really transitioned in the last few years since leaving Uni into this idea of “buy once and buy well.” I don’t want to buy seven tshirts from kmart in seven weeks, I’d rather buy one $110 tshirt from Jac + Jack that’s good linen or silk that I can wear for a few years. 

How do you do laundry?  You own a lot of white so I’m curious. 

My mum has always taught me to wash my whites with my whites and my darks with my darks.  Linen washes so well, you can just chuck it in the washing machine.  It’s a really good fabric, you still have to pull it afterwards so it doesn’t shrink.  I have a few silk pieces that rarely get a wash, they are aired out. 

Are you proactive about stain removal or are you a non-staining sort of person?

I like to think I’m a non-staining sort of person! I always drop a bit of spaghetti or red wine, but I’m a big fan of soaking and the old Sard stick. 

All of your pieces seem pretty summery, so how will you transition them for winter?

That’s a hard thing to do because all these pieces are so effortless in summer.  It gets to winter and I’m so stuck; I’m usually in jeans and a nice tshirt but I’m covering it up with a jumper and a coat.  I’ll put things over jeans.  I’m a big fan of puffer jackets which is kind of embarrassing, but I hate to be cold. 

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