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Collections: Alida and her Second Hand Gorman

Alida has a wardrobe full of Gorman Unicorns, all of which have been purchased second-hand or at the Surprise store.  We played with clothes all afternoon and she fed me coffee and bagels.

Another Unicorn! Moth Cord dress, found at Surprise.
"I accidentally wore double jigsaw to a school pickup once, it was the most compliments I've ever received on an outfit ever."
"I bought this tee on Carosell and the skirt is vintage leather from an opshop."
"My 4 year old picked out these pants this morning!"
"I absolutely love this dress but the cut doesn't suit me at all."
"I bought these at the Surprise store for $39 and I loved the shape so much I got a pair and a spare."
A Unicorn tea towel collection
"I bought this skirt on the gorman facebook page, it goes perfectly with my fav Bonds tee."
The highly coveted Greenhouse Dress, another Suprise score.
"I wore this recently as my 'outfit' for Passover over all black while I cooked for family."
Sparkly Gold gorman sample dress
The leather jacket that started it all.
Piles of Gorman
Quadruple gorman: "It's interesting and weird to do this as a former fat kid. My step brother once told me I had 'arms like tree trunks' so I'm sometimes self conscious about that!"
After playing with outfits for a few hours we sat down to a lunch of pickles and bagels. Yummmmmm!!!!

I started wearing gorman because a close friend of mine took me to the Boxing Day sale two years ago at Chadstone and I found a leather jacket for 50% off (thank goodness because there was no way I could afford it otherwise).  I thought if I could wear one item there, maybe I should try others and then she told me about the facebook pages.  That was the beginning of that, then I found out about the Surprise store and it really was all over.

I am much smaller now than before I had children.  After six and a half years of maternity and breastfeeding clothes, going back to my wardrobe which was one or two dress sizes too big was not fun.  Nothing fit right.  I’ve moved away from that. Pre-kids I wore a lot of black and charcoal.  I love the whimsy of gorman and so do my kids, they love the patterns.  I find that wearing gorman is a little like wearable art, for example the collaboration with Fred Fowler because now it really is wearable art.

I’m back at Uni studying Nursing, so secondhand gorman where people aren’t flogging the prices to make a profit is great. It just takes time. On the flip side, I have an amazing collection.  I think people are in a bit of a frenzy about gorman on the pages at the moment with their recent press, so I do feel better about buying the pieces secondhand. 

If I put something together that I really like, I’ll take a picture of it so when I’m in a rush I can go back to it and know it looks good.  It’s there and it’s ready to go.

When I see another woman wearing gorman in public, often there’s that mutual eyeing up and down, the “hey I know what you’re wearing.”  It’s a friendly, mutual appreciation of the other person’s style.  There’s another Mum at school who makes my collection look like nothing, she unashamedly loves it and that’s awesome.

Sometimes I feel sick when I look at all of it and think I could be like that lady on ebay and go underground and sell off all of it.  Part of me wants to get out and not wear it because of all the crazy, but the other part of me loves wearing it.  I really enjoy getting dressed in the morning.  It’s playful and fun; I have three kids, I got married young, I worked in finance, we bought a house.  We really focused on setting up a life and buying the house, so it’s nice to not have to wear “work clothes” but instead wear all that lovely, fun stuff. 

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