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Best Northside Op Shops

We are asked daily which op-shops we recommend for donating and shopping.  Here’s a few tips from the team at Mutual Muse.

We love second hand in all forms!  Anyone familiar with the second hand lifestyle knows that the op shop is the ultimate place to score a surprise bargain.  It’s the wild card of second hand.  Mutual Muse cannot buy all the clothes that come through our doors, so these are great organisations to pass on your excellent condition donations.

Not all op shops are created equal.  Some very large corporations (beginning in S and ending in cough cough -avers) mask themselves as charities and give very little back to the community.  It’s really worth doing your research to make sure your donations are going to the right place.

Northern Care Works

Northern Care Works is straight up the road from Mutual Muse in Preston.  Everything they make goes back to support their extensive programs which include: “[on-site] employment training, fostering community connections, ..pastoral care and a range of social, health and wellbeing activities and events.” 

Their pricing is extremely reasonable, you can find heaps for under $5.  They also have an excellent selection of furniture and homewares out the back.

Employee score: Breathe Easy Bags, pot plants and heaps of homewares -Kirsta

Sacred Heart Op Shops
sacred heart op shop

Sacred Heart Mission “assists hundreds of people who are experiencing homelessness or disadvantage to find shelter, food, care and support.”  Their op shops are dotted all over the city and generate 30% of their mission’s funding, so you know your donations and purchases are going to a good place.

You can also shop the cream of the crop on their Instashop, the proceeds of which feed right back in to help their projects.

Fav Location: Fitzroy and Fitzroy North 

Employee score: “The best chair ever.” – Cassie

@consciousgarment at Salvos with kapara designs bags

You can find a Salvos location in just about any neighbourhood.  They are a faith-based organisation whose programs aid all walks of life all over the world.  100% of their profits fund the Salvation Army programs.  Pic borrowed from our friend Emily @consciousgarment who found FIVE Kapara Designs bags!

Fav Location: Abbotsford (contains a huge selection of furniture)

Employee score: “A CHRISTIAN DIOR SUIT.” – Jenna, a score worthy of caps lock (proof below) Currently available through our friends at Yarn Yarns in Northcote.

Jenna ironic minimalist christian dior suit at salvos

What’s your favourite op shop?  What treasure have you found?  We’d love to hear from you!

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