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Mutual Muse is about playing with style, sustainably

We all have clothes we are no longer wearing, you know the ones I’m talking about: never worn, don’t fit, not your style anymore.

Selling on your best pieces makes sense; it helps us scale back on our consumption, reduce our waste, and you can make a little cash in the process. Alternatively, take the store credit and swap out for new pieces.

Did you know that the average Australian buys 27 kg of new clothing a year? Buying second hand is the perfect way to explore new styles sustainably; you’re saving them from landfill and avoiding the stiff price tag of a brand new item. We do all the hard work for you by sourcing the best of the best from our customers.

Mutual Muse was founded in 2014 by Kirsta Hawkins, an American mom who’s traveled the world and settled in Melbourne.

She grew up hiding in the racks of second-hand shops while her Mom hunted for a deal, so her love of treasure hunting runs deep. She’s a bit obsessed with finding a second-hand gem and loves to turn over her personal wardrobe as often as possible.

Kirsta loves Australian fashion and is proud to be part of our wonderfully artistic and expressive community of style enthusiasts.

Mutual Muse started in Kirsta’s dining room before moving to a market stall, and then a store. As our family has grown, we’ve added beloved team members and an Instagram store. Our instashop ships to every state in Australia, New Zealand, and overseas. Most of our early adopters are still regulars and we meet new people every day.

Browsing second hand clothes at Mutual Muse, Thornbury.
Shop staff sorting clothes at Mutual Muse, Thornbury.
The staff at Mutual Muse, Thornbury.
Browsing second hand clothes at Mutual Muse, Thornbury.
Mutual Muse, Thornbury. Orange Handbag over flowery overalls.
Mutual Muse, Thornbury. Interior of shop including clothes, house plant and chair.
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